FREE TO Build a Website for yourSTORE for your business

When you apply for an account it asked you to create a website slug. This will become your website url, example:

My website servers automatically created an area for you to start building your website. You can make it look like other websites selling their products and services. If you know so little about website creation, there are some services I can recommend to you. Take a look at the sample website that you can build alike – the John’s Farm with the website url shown above.

The best way to build your website easily is to make static pictures that you can upload. But as your store business grows, you should grow your website too. You should add information as to how to do things, or explanation of why viewers need your products or services in your website. If you do Google searches for products or services related to what you do will appear and then you can generate sales leads out of this website and information you put in. Try to add 10 to 20 long articles, about 300 words each, on your website. This will surely place you on the google search list then sales leads will come next.

And you even even start blogging to easily update your information. Blogging can also raise your ranking in Google searches. Try it!!!