February Sales

Sale 1: 6 piglets (2 female and 4 male) (Hybrid Mangalitsa x American Guinea Hog ) born 2/10/2024 including the mom-sow American Guinea Hog, are for sale for a total of $500. Jump-start your pig production now.

Sale 2: 5 hybrid piglets (about 3 months old 40-50 lbs. mixed) (Manga x AGH) for sale $100 male / $150 female. The right feeder piglets – will grow large quickly in about the next month, then I will increase the price.

Sale 3: American Guinea Hogs pregnant – $350. When the sow gives birth, you get all the hybrid piglets regardless of how many were born. The sow/piglets should be picked up 1 week after birthing. Must reserve before the sow gives birth.