My homestead is only 3.3 acres. It sits in the Foothills just by the outskirts of Auburn, before Clipper Gap. The reason I bought this property is that it is right by the freeway – a stone throw away. I hate driving long roads to get off my property. The other reason is it is a flat land.  It has an old house built in the 60s, 2 beds 1 bathroom. I plan to replace the house with a new building.  I try my best to grow my homestead, to a point I can be self-sufficient – in food and shelter. But like what Ceasar said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. 

What should you do to call your Property a Homestead?

Make it an Income earner.  If it pays for your needs, it is a homestead, Wikipedia says,

  • Homesteading, a lifestyle of agrarian self-sufficiency as practiced by a modern homesteader or urban homesteader

Be independent from outside sources, as possible. Grow your own food. Be able to live without outside influence. That is homestead, for me, and more. I want my homestead to generate profits., because sufficiently growing for yourself will not be enough.  And more, build make many kinds of businesses out of your homestead. 


But don’t just build something in your property. Plan it. What are you good at doing? What resources are plentiful? What different processes will work altogether (integrate)? What would meet your timeline? 

I grew up raising pigs and that is what I know how to do. I can grow food a never-ending supply of pig feed on my property, and I can get free food for pigs as an alternative. The manure can be used as input feedstock for a worm composting process, and or a biogas digestion. The combined heating and power will be cycled back to be used in the pig and worm house, and whatever excess after I’ve scaled -up these processes, will be used in my own house (self-sufficiency). Add more integration processes to scale and utilize by-products but be careful with capacity and administration coverage. 


All those plans can only materialize with the minimum number of errors if you iterate the process in during the planning stage. It is better to be wrong in the drawing board than a costly error in your property that was not easily showing to you because you did not virtually build it during your planning stage. Google it, read new tech, learn other people’s experiences and experimentation, success stories, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, marketing strategy, etc.

If you build it, They will come

When you’ iterated it many times over it is time to build. Don’t Analyze Paralyze. Make it happen. Be ready to spend but buy frugally. Get the tools you need; these are your investment; it will make your work easier.

“The tools you did not buy will still cost you at the end in the form of labor, hardship, time and profit” – Jojo Pornebo

Build it steadfast and proper. Most of all make documents, as you will need these documents for recording your expenses and for understanding your profits and losses.

Escalate, Up and Down.

When business is booming, scale-up, vertical or horizontal. Make it a bigger operation or build more of the same size. Or when the operation is pulling you down don’t be afraid to downgrade; it may be what you need to save your operation. There is a next time but learn from what you did wrong. Businesses that are not afraid to sacrifice stay afloat.

Be Happy

Stress will kill you. Don’t let problems stop you. Be mad about it, but not for long. But most importantly prevent problems from repeating. As a matter of fact, think of problems as a counter of how much you have progressed, because without problems you will not know what you did wrong. Take time out and appreciate what you’ve done. Also, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Give away. You definitely can use your money to build bigger, but I think giving out to other people who need is the best form of appreciation there can be – not just your own self-sufficiency but for others too.

What to Expect with myHOMESTEAD

I want to do these following projects/businesses:

1. Worm farming – most profitable, caters to customers with money to pay, will be the profit making machine, not so much saturated with competitors, can compete with using new-unfound-tech.

2. Pig farming – Food self-sufficiency, surplus can be a small profitable machine, manure by-product to be used as input to the worm farm and more specially for biogas generation.

3. Biogas Generation -energy as a prime commodity needed on any season, self sufficiency and excess can be used as input for the farm, if there are more excess then can be offered to nearby neighbors as combined heating and power, new technology can outsmart competitors, cheaper than a solar panel array.

4. Billboard advertising – because I am beside a freeway. Passive income. Using new digital boards technology can make this passive project highly profitable.

5. Hermetia Ilucens – the BSF is a processing input for both pigs and worms, as feedstock. These are highly active degraders of food waste when used with a smart design of feed processing.

6. Bees – because these are the giveaway back to nature – pollination, and that bees are fast becoming to be rare due to the Colony Collapse Disorder.

7. Spirulina – the silent solution to the energy crisis, find a method to mass-produce in a grand scale, input to biogas

8. Miscanthus – perennial tall 15-footer grass, as input to the biogas process or self-sufficiency feed for the pigs.

9. Rabbits – maybe a better choice than pig farming because the small animals are more manageable and the manure collection can be automated.

10. EV-Assist ICE-age cars – extend the life of your cars after 2035 (year to remove the sale of all ICE cars and convert to EV cars), because no one will just junk their car after 2035.

Now, you’ve heard my grand ideas let us Make it Happen